A New World
A New World
Air date July 16, 2010
Written by Bruce Miller
Directed by Michael Robison
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"Founder's Day"
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"All the Rage"
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"A New World" is the second episode of the fourth season of Eureka.


When the five time travelers (Sheriff Carter, Deputy Lupo, Dr. Blake, Dr. Deacon, and Dr. Fargo) get back to their Eureka, they find out that the town is everything but "Eureka"-normal. Lupo is no longer a deputy (replaced by the robotic Andy) but rather the head of GD security, Dr. Blake is the medical director of GD, and Dr. Fargo finds himself the director of GD. Carter says "yes" when Tess asks him about the "thing", only later realizing that Tess is therefore going to move in with him. The travelers also come to understand that they no longer have the ability to repair their timeline because the device that returned them to the altered future overloaded and exploded, and they must keep quiet and live their new lives for the time being, and have Dr. Grant adjust to the 21st century, until they can return him to his era.


As the Founders' Day festivities continue, Carter and the others must accustom themselves to the new time line and how Dr. Grant fits into it. Unfortunately, reacclimatization needs to occur on a steep learning curve—"Tiny", one of Global Dynamic's projects, has run amok in the crowded town.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • Kevin: So get this, Mom was late this morning, and I didn't get to make it to Dre's, and I mean she's always on me about being late! Maybe now she'll realize that time is a relativistic construct and ease up!
  • Tess: (laughing) Yeah, I wouldn't count on it.

  • Allison: Dr. Grant, I know this must be overwhelming for you. We know what it feels like to get pulled away from your own time.
  • Dr. Grant: Thank you, it's fine here. I just expected... I thought there'd be more flying cars... robotic servants...super highways stretching into the sky.

  • Carter: Another day, another runaway robot.

  • Dr. Grant: Come closer robot man. [Andy steps closer to jail cell] You're extremely lifelike.
  • Deputy ANDY: [bashful chuckle] Oh...
  • Dr. Grant: I'd love to get a look under your uniform.
  • Andy: [Looks at Carter] Boss?

  • Carter: Do you know if I've asked Tess any big life changing questions recently?
  • Vincent: Oh. My God. You proposed!
  • Carter: I did?
  • Vincent: I don't know did you?
  • Carter: I don't know did I!?

  • Jo: You okay there, Tex?
  • Carter: Oh yeah, I mean, don't believe them when they say lighting doesn't strike twice in the same place.