The Alchemist's Curse is an ancient item created to teach humility.


If used as intended (incorrect interpretation of the formula), its purpose is to unleash a microbe who originally will turn metal into gold, but then mutates. If the formula is correctly interpreted, it instead creates a totally dormant and useless microbe, which spreads its state to all others of its kind.


Created in about 3000 BCE, the Alchemist's Curse was apparently invented by an unknown person to "teach humility to those who meddle in God's domain". However it is also possible that this formula was stumbled across accidentally, and both theories have seemingly equal likeliness. The Alchemist's Curse is an incomplete formula to breed a type of microbe with the ability to turn base metals into gold. It will then spread throughout the area in a ground-based form. This microbe will then, after an undetermined period of time, mutate unpredictably, again and again. After destroying several notable civilizations over the years, this formula ended up in the hands of a resident of Eureka, Christopher Dactylos. During the events of the episode All That Glitters... the incomplete microbe was placed on a piece of metal, which was then dipped into hydrochloric acid (activating the microbe) and made into a bracelet for Zoe Carter by her boyfriend. Zoe then spread it through town, resulting in mass transmutation. The microbe then mutated into a metal eater. This eventually started to cause many buildings, including Global Dynamics to start falling apart. Due to Christopher Dactalos lending his notes to Nathan Stark, plus some of Kevin's Artifact-gained brilliance, the formula was completed and the microbe rendered inert.

Previous ActionsEdit

Civilizations affected and their mutations

1. Babylonic Mutations
  • Gold maker
  • Unknown mutation(s) leading to the weakening, but not destruction, of the civilization
  • Harmless mutation / microbe was somehow stopped.
2. Atlantis's Mutation
  • Gold maker
  • Unknown mutation(s) leading to the sinking of Atlantis (or a chain reaction thereof)
  • Microbe destroyed in the sinking of Atlantis
3. Mayan Mutation
  • Gold maker
  • Unknown belligerent mutation(s)
  • Mutation resulting in the death of those affected
  • Possible extra mutation resulting in the removal of dead bodies
  • Harmless mutation
4. American (Eureka only) Mutations
  • Gold maker
  • Metal eater
  • Microbe was stopped by perfection of the formula.
  • (False mutation- Did not actually happen, but was faked) An airborn flesheater


The transmutations array on the board in the lab is the human transmutations array from Full Metal Alchemist.