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Arnold Faraday
Arnold Faraday.jpg
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Occupation Congressman
Status Alive
Appearances "Alienated", "Phoenix Rising"
Performer Garwin Sanford

Arnold Faraday is a U.S. Congressman and chair of the Defense Appropriation Committee that controls Global Dynamics' funding, being one of the rare few in Washington 'in the know'. He is also a member of The Consortium and is working with Beverly Barlowe to gain access to Section 5 and the Artifact.

During a visit to Eureka he is abducted by Fargo, Vincent, Taggart, and Jo. Suffering from the effects of a paranoia-inducing weapon being tested at Global Dynamics, they believe that he is the host for an alien bent on world domination. In some ways, they are not entirely wrong.