• TheDwellerCamp

    Im talking about the Eureka Wiki logo  on the top left of it. Is there sort of "official" logo that can be used? That would be really good. I mean like, it could be replaced with this

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  • Jiskran


    March 17, 2014 by Jiskran

    I'm trying to get this Eureka site up and running once more, and promise to do my very best to recognise and incorporate anyone else's helpful suggestions about what it needs.

    As the show is definitely over, I feel certain things are now permissible which would not have been before - the most obvious of which is CLEARLY LABELLED appropriate language and theme fanfic. If people want to add a subpage to a char, with first or third-person accounts of their day, view of life, plan for the future etc., that sounds fine to me.

    My hope is that we'll be able - together - to breathe some new life into a growing memorial to a fun, thought-provoking series.

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