Cafe diem

Café Diem on the set of Eureka


Interior of Café Diem

Café Diem is the café of Vincent, on the main street of Eureka. It's the place where everybody meets to eat one of Vincent's extraordinary meals or have a cup of his signature "Vinspresso".

It is notable that Café Diem provides food free of charge to residents of Eureka and employees of Global Dynamics, acting as a sort of cafeteria or canteen for the entire town. When corporate fixer Eva Thorne, seeing this as something of a money-pit, eliminates the free-food policy, there is a strong backlash from the Eureka community at large and especially Vincent. As a response, Vincent begins charging Thorne $25 a cup for coffee, while still giving coffee to others free of charge (with Thorne's cost effectively defraying the cost of the free drinks).

Zoe Carter has a part-time job in the café. The freezer runs off of a fusion power generator, which is apparently safer than fission power generators.


  • The name of the café, Café Diem, may be a play on words of the Latin phrase carpe diem, which means seize the day.
  • The freezer seems to be bigger on the inside. In Eureka, you never know.
  • The cafe runs on a fusion reactor. A goof on the part of the writers, in It's Not Easy Being Green, it is said the reactor runs on globidium, which isn't how that works.