Carl Carlson
Carl Carlson
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Occupation Doctor
Status Alive
Appearances "Invincible"
Performer Saul Rubinek

Dr. Carl Carlson was a researcher at Global Dynamics who worked in the field of molecular regeneration. He seemed to suffer from mysophobia (a.k.a. germophobia) and social anxiety disorder. He was a patient of Beverly Barlowe, who also appeared to be manipulating him to further the goals of the Consortium.

An accident at Global Dynamics led to Carlson being exposed to energy from the Artifact (though this was not immediately apparent). Nathan Stark blamed the accident on Carlson and started proceedings to have him "redacted."

Eventually Carlson began mutating as a result of the exposure, allowing him to access close to 100% of his mind. As a result he began manifesting several metahuman abilities, including: miraculous healing powers, telekinesis, and telepathy. These changes gave him the confidence to overcome his psychological disorders and become more assertive.

Eventually, the mutations began to overwhelm Carlson. After using his power to save Jack Carter's life, he entered the Artifact chamber and was never seen again.


  • What happened to Carl, if anything in the new timeline is currently unknown.
  • Carl Carlson is also the name of a recurring character on The Simpsons.
  • The actor who plays Carl, Saul Rubinek, also plays Arthur Nielsen from Warehouse 13 and he also handles artifacts with mysterious powers. Since Eureka and Warehouse 13 are set in the same world, this is a potential anomaly never addressed onscreen.
  • Both Carl and Arthur love their jobs very much, both have said something along the lines of their job being their life and without it they are nothing.
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