Einstein-Rosen Bridge
Creator: Albert Einstein, Trevor Grant
Function: Wormholes
First Appearance: Founder's Day

See also: Time Travel

An Einstein-Rosen Bridge or wormhole (aka "Bridge Device") is capable of connecting distant points in spacetime in this universe and connecting different universes. The original device was developed by Albert Einstein and Charles Grant in Camp Eureka around 1947, although it never functioned. The Bridge Device was completed by Kevin Blake ("Founder's Day") which caused five town members to travel back to 1947 and an alternate timeline to develop.

Later in 2010, The Consortium convinced Trevor Grant to repair the device and travel back to 1947 so that he could attempt to prevent the development of deadly technology such as nuclear weapons.

Douglas Fargo and Henry Deacon applied what they could learn from the Bridge Device to create a Faster than light engine which was successfully tested in "Liftoff".

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