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Air date July 25, 2011
Written by Ed Fowler
Directed by Michael Robison
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"Glimpse" is the thirteenth episode of the fourth season of Eureka.


Lenses that predict security breaches are eagerly embraced by Jo, but not so much by Carter. Although he can't argue their importance after they both see the end of Eureka in one ghastly projected leap forward. Elsewhere, Fargo and Dr. Marten screen the hundreds of scientists who responded to Fargo's announcement of 20 open positions on the Astraeus Mission.


Eureka, OR has gone 'space crazy'. After the revelation of the FTL-drive and an upcoming mission to Titan (one of Saturn's moons), the episode begins with Douglas Fargo presenting a recruitment advertisement to what is known as the Astraeus Project.

At Global Dynamics, Jo and Zane discuss recent relationship matters, but the intent of Jo's visit to Zane's lab is to become the guinea pig of his latest invention. Nicknamed a P.A.L, also known as 'Predictive Algorithm Lenses'. They appear to look and act similar to common variety contact lenses, but it's function gives the wearer the ability to detect and even predict possible outcomes before they happen. The limit could be within the next few minutes, up to several hours. Jo demonstrates the lenses ability after detecting problems in certain equipment within the lab, and later manages to avoid a catastrophic explosion at G.D.

The problem of the week begins when Jo and Carter (who has been outfitted with a set of P.A.L's as well) detect a prediction while visiting Café Diem. An explosion that threatens to wipe out all of Eureka within the next 2 hours...

Memorable Quotes


In the opening scene, recruitment advertisement for the Astraeus Project is similar to the recruitment advertisement in the movie Starship Troopers.

During the scene with Dr. Lee, the song from the end credits of the TV show "The Incredible Hulk" (based on the comic book of the same name by Stan Lee) can be heard.

Fargo identifies the PALS as having 'your own personal Professor Xavier.' However, as the PALS foresee security threats and Prof. Xavier is telepathic, not clairvoyant, this is inaccurate. It would be more accurate to liken the PALS to Destiny or Psylocke, both of whom actually possess precognition.