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Isaac Parrish
Isaac Parrish.png
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Occupation Researcher
Status Alive
Appearances "All the Rage", "Glimpse", "Up in the Air","Lost", "Just Another Day", "Of Mites and Men", "This One Time at Space Camp...","One Small Step..."
Performer Wil Wheaton

Nicholas Elia (Young)

Dr. Isaac Parrish is a researcher at Global Dynamics and the head of its Non-Lethal Weapons Lab, and works alongside Zane Donovan.

Parrish intially has a very antagonistic relationship with Douglas Fargo. Statements made in the episode "Glimpse " suggest that some of this resentment stems from Parrish's belief that as the descendant of notable scientists, Fargo did not have to work as hard as others to get where he is today. He also implies that Fargo does not deserve his position as director of Global Dynamics and that he is merely "Mansfield's puppet" (All the Rage).

In the episode "This One Time at Space Camp..." it is revealed that Fargo and Parrish's rivaling relationship started back when they went to Space Camp as children. They were on different teams, and despite Fargo's obvious genius and his engine design getting noticed by N.A.S.A, Parrish's group always won.

Parrish was one of the candidates for the Astraeus Mission, but did not win one of the coveted spots (though he was named first alternate). He also competed with Fargo for the affection of Dr. Holly Marten, but ultimately lost that competition as well. When Fargo was grieving Holly's death, Parrish, showing unexpected empathy, convinced Fargo to play Dungeons and Dragons (an activity Fargo shared with Holly as well) with him. Parrish went as far as to imply, though not state, that Holly had picked the better man.

When Holly was 'reset' and lost all of her memories, Parrish did show obvious affection and tried advances on her, but she chose Fargo.

In the final episode, "Just Another Day", he was the first person to have gone through the wormholes when they started intersecting. The fact that he had what first appeared to be sunburn but then later was shown to be a layer of skin that was actually severed off by the wormholes.

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