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Jenna Stark
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Parents Allison Blake (mother)
Nathan Stark (father; deceased)
Jack Carter (step-father)
Siblings Kevin (older half-brother)
Zoe Carter (older step-sister)
Unborn half-sibling (via Allison)
Appearances Jenna Stark - List of Appearances
Performer Nevaeh Kidd

Jordenn Thompson (NPC) Ileeya Brown

Jenna Stark is the daughter of Allison Blake and Nathan Stark and step-daughter of Jack Carter. She was born after Nathan was already dead, so she will never meet her father, and was raised by her mother and step-father. She has an older half-brother named Kevin Blake, an older step-sister named Zoe Carter, and a younger half-sibling whom Allison announces she's pregnant with in the series finale, "Just Another Day."

Jenna was born during the episode "You Don't Know Jack" and was delivered by Zoe Carter. Allison tells Carter that she's named the baby after Nathan Stark's mother, Jenna.

Jenna is doted on by the whole family, and their friends, and has a nanny with a PhD in early childhood development.

Jenna and her brother Kevin.