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Jim Taggart
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Occupation Biological Containment Specialist
Status Alive
Appearances Jim Taggart - List of Appearances
Performer Matt Frewer

Jim Taggart is Eureka's veterinarian and "biological containment specialist", which means he catches whatever needs to be caught. If it walks, talks, eats, breathes, or bleeds, it falls within Taggart's domain. He is an Aussie and often butts heads with the sheriff and townsfolk who refuse to appreciate the delicate and unique wildlife situation in Eureka. He also gets upset when he found out that Jack Carter broke out of his hand built containment cage. Taggart knows every breed of animal, bird, and insect and he's got the tools to handle any situation. He appears to have an obsession over catching Lowjack, the dog that randomly appears all over town, and remarks that the dog is "evil incarnate" (though he does let him lick his face). He claims that Lowjack isn't "really a dog", which is hinted to be more than just an eccentric belief. Taggart is an amateur cryptozoologist which makes him one of the most knowledgeable animal specialists in Eureka.

Taggart appears to be quite fond of Jo Lupo; whether or not they share a deeper relationship is unclear ("Primal"), though he is seen making out with her in "H.O.U.S.E. Rules", and the two are seen as a couple in the possible future shown in "Once in a Lifetime". In "Phoenix Rising", Jo expresses doubts about a possible relationship with him due to their age difference. At the end of Season 1 he was 6'3" and 45 years old.

Taggart left Eureka for several years without saying goodbye to Jo, which left their relationship on rough ground, he re-appeared in season 3 after spending some time with Zane in the Arctic Circle, drilling the largest core sample ever retrieved. He attempted to make amends with Jo, explaining that after he saw how happy she was with Zane, he didn't want to get in the way. They made amends shortly afterwards.

As revealed in "One Small Step...", Taggart had proposed to Jo in the post-Founder's Day timeline. She turned him down, which led him to go on a walkabout before returning to Eureka. This later inspires Jo to go on her own walkabout to sort out her issues.


  • Jim Taggart is also the name of the antagonist of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.
  • Taggart has said in Primal that Lowjack has 130 IQ and was made from animal research.
  • In the graphic novelization of Eureka, Jo reveals Taggart's favorite movie is Born Free and that he loves its message: "If you love something, set it free."
  • In the Eureka novel Substitution Method, it is revealed that Taggart is a lover of good food, wine, and opera music.
  • His accent has been 'acclaimed' all over the Internet as one of the worst examples of 'Strine' on US TV, generally held to rank up there with Dick Van Dyke's purported Cockney in Mary Poppins in the heroic failures of accent attempts.
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