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Kevin Blake
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Parents Allison Blake (mother)
Jack Carter (step-father)
Nathan Stark (step-father; deceased)
Appearances Kevin Blake - List of Appearances
Performer Meshach Peters, J.R. Messado, Trevor Jackson

Kevin Blake is the son of Allison Blake. He is played by Meshach Peters in the first three seasons and by Trevor Jackson starting in the fourth.

Kevin's father died shortly before he was born, his mother is Allison Blake and he has a half-sister named Jenna Stark. Kevin was diagnosed with autism. He was infused with the artifact in Season 1. This infusion causes him to begin changing in Season 2 (much the way Carl Carlson began to change, albeit at a much slower rate). Attempting to find out exactly what the Artifact has done to him is part of the overall story arc of that season.

Kevin's DNA was changed by the artifact and when Beverly Barlowe and Henry Deacon had him put through the teleportation device, they needed to use a file, named KB-201, which was all about Kevin and was signed and sent by Nathan Stark. He regained his autism after this but was saved.

Kevin's tinkering with the Einstein-Grant Bridge device causes the time travel event which results in the altered timeline of Season 4. In that timeline, Kevin isn't autistic, though he does retain the genius he displayed in the first three seasons. In the episode "Reprise" he shows an interest in law enforcement and states that Sheriff Carter used to take him for ride-alongs, however some of this could be from how he was affected from the music he had been listening to.

By the series finale, "Just Another Day," Kevin has three siblings: his older step-sister, Zoe Carter, and his two younger half-siblings, Jenna Stark, fathered by his mother's second husband, Nathan Stark, and an unnamed sibling who Allison announces she's pregnant with in the finale, fathered by her third husband, Jack Carter.


In the pilot, Kevin gives his birthdate as 11-18-97 - November 18, 1997.

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