Kim Anderson
Kim Anderson
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Occupation Researcher
Status Deceased
Spouse(s) Jason Anderson (Ex-husband)
Henry Deacon (alternate timeline)
Appearances Kim Anderson - List of Appearances
Performer Tamlyn Tomita

Kim Anderson was a researcher working at Global Dynamics. She was a brilliant scientist, but all her ideas were stolen by Jason Anderson. She, Henry and Jason worked together on many projects. When she realized Jason had used a short-term-memory erasing device to steal her ideas, she divorced him and settled in Eureka. She seemed to almost immediately start a relationship with Henry, though this wasn't gone into much.

She was killed when Beverly Barlowe's meddling made the artifact lash out on her.

In a different timeline, which Henry created to save her, she and Henry were happily married and working together at GD ("Once in a Lifetime"). However, when her burnt body from the artifact appeared, she did a DNA test and realized it was herself. Everyone found out that the there were two timelines and that they were colliding, and Nathan Stark returned from Stark Industries to help them, Carter's consciousness was sent back to the day when Kim died and he successfully stopped Henry, therefore deleting the other timeline from existence.

When Henry's 20-year-old ship project returns, a facsimile of Kim Anderson is found on board, rebuilt by the organic computer onboard from a few skin cells. Henry first refused to be with her but they became friends and Henry fell in love with her, but to get the data that was in her body, she was destroyed.


  • Kim appears to have no counterpart in the revised timeline of Seasons 4 and 5.
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