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Lexi Carter
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Occupation Maternity
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Duncan (Fiancé)
Children 2 Unnamed Twin Boys
Appearances Lexi Carter - List of Appearances
Performer Ever Carradine

Lexi Carter is Jack Carter's baby sister. Her interests include travel, New Age spirituality, saving the planet, and politics - pretty much the antithesis of her straitlaced brother. She arrives in Eureka on the same day that Nathan Stark and Allison Blake are to be married (I Do Over) and leaves with Duncan (the father of her twins) several months later (It's Not Easy Being Green). Although referenced thereafter, Lexi is not seen again.

Lexi is much more free-spirited than her brother and seeks to encourage the same behavior in her niece, Zoe. Though she was only in Eureka for a brief time she managed to become friends with Allison Blake, involve herself in the mayoral race, and attract the attention of the town's resident costumed superhero: Captain Eureka.

Eureka, OR
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