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O Little Town...
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Air date December 7, 2010
Written by Eric Tuchman
Directed by Matthew Hastings
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"O Little Town..." is the tenth episode of the fourth season of Eureka.


When some of Eureka's children are unhappy that a heavy snowfall has forced the cancellation of their holiday travel plans, Sheriff Carter tells them about another wonderful Christmas, when he was stranded in town and learned to appreciate everything around him.


Carter can't get into the Christmas spirit especially with the town surrounded by a force-field. Fargo organizes the GD holiday party, and Allison is full of holiday cheer.

Memorable Quotes

Carter: Hey guys! So, uh, stuck in Eureka for the holidays, huh? I used to try to, uh, escape Eureka at Christmas until one year I got stranded here.
Children: [silence, with disbelieving looks at Carter]
Carter: Yep. It was great.
Children: [more silence]
Carter: [laughing] Okay, gather round. You can hear all about it!
Child: Do we have to?
Carter: Sheriff badge says yes.
Children: [sighing and unhappy, they gather round Carter]

Fargo: “It’s the party. The time our GD family comes together in the spirit of giving.”
Jo: “It’s the time all you geeks fly your freak flag every year.”
Fargo: “No, that’s Comic-Con.”


  • Matt Frewer played Russ Thompson, Sr. (neighbor of the Szalinski family, whose sons are shrunk by Wayne's Shrink Ray) in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Here it's Taggart that invents a Shrink Ray, one which ends up shrinking the entire town.
  • The title derives from the Christmas carol "O Little Town of Bethlehem".
  • The episode aired as a one-off seasonal special, far removed from the rest of the season.
  • Jo's "Like a big-hearted elephant?" inquiry is a Horton Hears a Who! reference.