Right as Raynes
Right as Raynes
Air date September 5, 2006
Written by Johanna Stokes
Directed by Mike Rohl
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"Right as Raynes" is the eighth episode of the first season of Eureka.


A computer programmer who left Eureka after having a falling out with Stark returns at the same time that the town is hit by a computer virus. He stirs up a lot of unfinished business in Jo's life.


Memorable QuotesEdit

Jo: Just goes to show, doesn't it? All the good ones are either gay, married—or robots.

Carter: This is obstruction of justice.

Zoe: How do you figure?

Carter: You’re making me late for work. 

Jo: (Kisses Raynes) That's for coming back... (punches him) and that's for leaving 
Jo: [on radio] S2 to S1. Repeat S2 to S1, over.

'Carter: Jo, its just you and me you can feel free to be a little less formal. [Radio silence] Over.

Jo: There's an electrical problem at Osbourne's farm on the way into town, over.

Carter: See was that so hard?

Callister Raynes: You didn't say over.

Carter: I know, it's gonna bug her all day long. 

Zoe: (about seeing Beverly) Actually, my Dad’s making me go here. Apparently I have "issues" with "authority" and "listening" and... I don’t know, other stuff. I wasn’t really paying attention, so...

Allison: You okay?

Jo: It's just my luck right? All the good ones are either gay, married, or robots.

Henry Deacon: Well, there's your problem. That's whats been messing up everything on the internet.

Allison Blake: Is this our glitch?

Henry Deacon: Glitch? No. That's a virus.

Marshall Jack Carter: You guys should have switched to Macs.