Sam Lovejoy
Sam Lovejoy
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Occupation Headhunter
Status Alive
Appearances "E=MC...?"
Performer Bill Mondy

Sam Lovejoy is Eureka/Global Dynamic's talent scout whose main duty is to locate the greatest minds in the country and alert GD to their potential and situation. Sam located Zane and brought him to Allison's attention, receiving $25,000 for this service. He says that out of all the places he's visited, Eureka is the only one where he truly fits in.

Despite, or perhaps because of, his roving profile, he's seen in Eureka only once, and not mentioned again.


  • Sam could have been named after a writer that bears the same last name.
  • Sam's actions (and dietary choices) helped Carter realize that it wasn't the Big Bang project to blame for the cognitive decline and that it was really the chicken.