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The second season of Eureka premiered on July 10, 2007 on the cable network Syfy in the United States and concluded on October 2, 2007.


Main characters

Recurring characters

Broadcasted episodes

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Phoenix Rising.jpg Phoenix Rising Writer: Jaime Paglia Director: Mike Rohl July 10, 2007 #201
Following the restoration of the timeline, Carter and Henry must adjust, while Allison gets Nathan's job, and citizens of Eureka start to spontaneously combust.
Try, Try Again.jpg Try, Try Again Writer: Charlie Craig Director: Michael Nankin July 17, 2007 #202
As the computer at Global Dynamics reboots on the occasion of Allison's start as the new director, the disappearance of a Category Red device leads to an unlikely alliance between Carter and Stark.
Unpredictable.jpg Unpredictable Writer: Thania St. John Director: Robert Lieberman July 24, 2007 #203
An isolated deep-freeze sets off a chain reaction of freak climate changes that soon escalate into a threat that could destroy Eureka, and the rest of the planet. Also Carter's ex-wife gets in the mix when she arrives for Zoe's surprise 16th birthday party.
Games People Play.jpg Games People Play Writer: Johanna Stokes Director: Mike Rohl July 31, 2007 #204
After suffering a blow to the head, Carter awakens in what appears to be a parallel universe, one in which the inhabitants of Eureka are disappearing one by one.
Duck, Duck Goose.jpg Duck, Duck Goose Writer: Ethan Lawrence Director: Michael Lange August 7, 2007 #205
Space junk is massing over Eureka, forming a giant debris cloud that threatens to destroy the town and its inhabitants. Carter must find what is drawing it, and why, before disaster strikes.
Noche de Suenos.jpg Noche de Suenos Writer: Jaime Paglia Director: Eric Laneuville August 14, 2007 #206
An epidemic of shared dreaming in Eureka seems amusing if somewhat embarrassing, until it's discovered that the cause will ultimately prove lethal for everyone in town.
Family Reunion.jpg Family Reunion Writer: Jane Espenson (Story) & Anne Cofell Saunders (Teleplay) Director: Michael Lange August 21, 2007 #207
Fargo's grandfather, Pierre Fargo, is revived from cryogenic suspension in an unmarked sleeper pod at Global Dynamics. Once awake, he accuses his old rival of locking him in the pod, and stealing his life's work.
E=MC...?.jpg E=MC...? Writer: Bruce Miller Director: Tim Matheson August 28, 2007 #208
As an experiment that will recreate the first moments of the origins of the universe, the "Big Bang", goes terribly awry, the town's geniuses turn into morons, leaving the fate of Eureka in the hands of Jack Carter and an antisocial young ubergenius, Zane Donovan.
Sight Unseen.jpg Sight Unseen Writer: Charlie Craig & Thania St. John Director: Donna Deitch September 4, 2007 #209
An abandoned research project on invisibility returns to haunt Eureka. Carter and Zoe become tangled in a web of strange occurrences that lead to Carter's disappearance, and the possibility that he might never reappear.
God Is In The Details.jpg God Is In The Details Writer: Eric Wallace Director: Mike Rohl September 11, 2007 #210
Sudden muteness, human bioluminescence and faucets running blood cause many of Eureka's citizens to believe that they are the victims of a Biblical plague.
Maneater.jpg Maneater Writer: Bruce Miller Director: Michael Robison September 18, 2007 #211
Sheriff Jack Carter becomes absolutely irresistible to every woman in Eureka. But if he doesn't get his mojo under control, they might just eat him alive.
All That Glitters....jpg All That Glitters... Writer: Thania St. John Director: Michael Grossman September 25, 2007 #212
Beverly Barlowe returns to town just as a parasitic bacterium threatens to destroy Eureka, by turning everything to gold and then into rust, people included.
A Night At Global Dynamics.jpg A Night At Global Dynamics Writer: Jaime Paglia Director: Michael Lange October 2, 2007 #213
Nathan Stark and Jack Carter must put aside their rivalry to stop a deadly bacteria from destroying the town and killing Allison's son. But can Carter ignore Stark's crimes as well?