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The third season of Eureka premiered on July 29, 2008 on the cable network Syfy in the United States and concluded on September 18, 2009.


Main characters

Recurring characters

Broadcasted episodes

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Bad to the Drone.jpg Bad to the Drone Writer: Jaime Paglia Director: Bryan Spicer July 29, 2008 #301
Success comes at a price, as several citizens of Eureka discover when the DOD sends a corporate fixer, reputed for completely revamping more Fortune 500 companies than anyone else, to town during an Anti-Missile test that sees the target drone named Martha threatening Eureka.
What About Bob?.jpg What About Bob? Writer: Charlie Craig Director: Fred Gerber August 5, 2008 #302
Sheriff Jack Carter and Allison Blake investigate when a scientist mysteriously disappears from within a sealed biosphere. Meanwhile, the Corporate Fixer attempts to make Eureka’s efforts more... profitable.
Best in Faux.jpg Best in Faux Writer: Bruce Miller Director: Paul Holahan August 12, 2008 #303
It's time for Eureka's robotic dog show, and the android canines are out in force. However, when sudden mysterious earthquakes shake Eureka, Sheriff Jack Carter might end up with a pure-bred disaster on his hands.
I Do Over.jpg I Do Over Writer: Thania St. John Director: Matt Earl Beesley August 19, 2008 #304
On Allison and Stark's wedding day, Sheriff Carter finds himself stuck in a time loop; causing him to experience the same lousy day over and over again. Meanwhile, Sheriff Carter's sister, Lexi, visits Eureka.
Show Me the Mummy.jpg Show Me the Mummy Writer: Curtis Kheel Director: Ernest R. Dickerson August 26, 2008 #305
After an ancient Egyptian mummy is brought to GD, mysterious things begin happening. It's up to Carter and the rest of GD to figure out the mystery of the mummy, and stop a "locust plague" before it's too late.
Phased and Confused.jpg Phased and Confused Writer: Nick Wauters Director: Michael Robison September 9, 2008 #306
Captain Eureka arrives on the scene to save the day! Meanwhile Zoe Carter, Zane Donovan, Pilar Reed, and Lucas are trapped in an old, abandoned underground complex.
Here Come the Suns.jpg Here Come the Suns Writer: Jaime Paglia & Eric Wallace Director: Oz Scott September 16, 2008 #307
Lucas, Vincent, and Dr. Paulo Herrera all run for the office of mayor. Meanwhile, a second sun mysteriously appears above the town.
From Fear to Eternity.jpg From Fear to Eternity Writer: Thania St. John Director: Eric Laneuville September 23, 2008 #308
Zoe is feeling sick. The key to curing her may be in the underground bunker, but Thorne accelerates sealing it forever.
Welcome Back, Carter.jpg Welcome Back, Carter Writer: Bruce Miller Director: Matthew Diamond July 10, 2009 #309
Carter hunts for a new job, Lupo resigns from the police force, and Sheriff Andy arrives in town. Meanwhile, gravity is behaving oddly.
Your Face or Mine.jpg Your Face or Mine Writer: Jaime Paglia Director: Colin Ferguson July 17, 2009 #310
Lupo takes over as acting sheriff while Carter has recertification testing.
Insane in the P-Brane.jpg Insane in the P-Brane Writer: Thania St. John Director: Steve Miner July 24, 2009 #311
Carter gets into a odd situation with new arrival Tess Fontana. Meanwhile Lexi's old flame Duncan arrives in town.
It's Not Easy Being Green.png It's Not Easy Being Green Writer: Curtis Kheel Director: Sarah Pia Anderson July 31, 2009 #312
Tess needs Carter to round up power sources from around town. Meanwhile pranks between the bowling teams of Global Dynamics and Area 51 get out of hand.
If You Build It....png If You Build It... Writer: Bruce Miller Director: Mike Rohl August 7, 2009 #313
The cars of Eureka become self-driving. Meanwhile, some new construction mysteriously appears outside of town.
Ship Happens.png Ship Happens Writer: Charlie Craig Director: Chris Fisher August 14, 2009 #314
Confusion surrounds the process of returning the materials used to create the plasma generator. Meanwhile, Kim's clone may be the cause of bigger problems.
Shower the People.png Shower the People Writer: Thania St. John Director: Stephen Surjik August 21, 2009 #315
New methods are attempted to download information from Kim's clone. Meanwhile, Tess hosts a baby shower for Allison inside SARAH.
You Don't Know Jack.png You Don't Know Jack Writer: Eric Wallace Director: James Head August 28, 2009 #316
The annual sonic cleaning of Global Dynamics is about to begin, but Fargo, Dr. Bubay, and Dr. Ashe are still inside. Meanwhile, Tess begins a project to capture memories from the town's residents.
Have an Ice Day.png Have an Ice Day Writer: Charlie Craig & Bruce Miller (teleplay) and Joan B. Weiss & Constance M. Burge (story) Director: Joe Morton September 11, 2009 #317
Zane Donovan and Jim Taggart return with an arctic ice bore, but has time apart damaged Zane's relationship with Jo?
What Goes Around, Comes Around.png What Goes Around, Comes Around Writer: Jaime Paglia Director: Matthew Hastings September 18, 2009 #318
Zoe is offered early admission to college. Meanwhile, strange magnetic effects permeate the town.