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The fifth season of Eureka premiered on April 16, 2012 on the cable network Syfy in the United States.

On August 17, 2010, Syfy announced that there will be a fifth season. On August 8, 2011, it was announced that season 5 will be the final season; it was later announced that the network has ordered an additional episode for season 5 to wrap up the series. On February 16, 2012 Syfy announced that the show's fifth and final season would premiere on April 16, 2012.


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Broadcasted episodes

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Lost.jpg Lost Writer: Jaime Paglia Director: Matthew Hastings April 16, 2012 #501
The Astraeus crew returns to Earth to discover that they have been missing for four years and, in their absence, Eureka has moved on without them. SARAH is the head of Global Dynamics with an army of Andy replicas as her security force. Henry, having taken much of the blame for the loss of Astraeus, is no longer town mayor. Jack has raised Allison's children and is now dating Jo. Now reunited, Jack and Allison work with the others to overthrow SARAH and Andy's oppressive regime and restore balance to the town. However, the crew is not really in the future; Beverly Barlowe has them in a machine that is a virtual reality.
The-real-thing.jpg The Real Thing Writer: Bruce Miller Director: Michael Robison April 23, 2012 #502
A month has passed and the town continues searching for the missing Astraeus crew after the DOD calls off the search. Carter and Andy go on a mission to retrieve the last part Kevin needs for a scanner to locate the Astraeus. After being apprehended, they are rescued by Jo when she returns from her walkabout and Carter realizes that the crew hasn't been lost in space, but on Earth. Kevin and Henry locate the Astraeus and Carter and Jo lead a rescue team. When they arrive, they find the ship and the simulator. However, Beverly's team and the crew are gone. Jack realizes that the person responsible for the disappearance is Senator Wen, who is revealed to be Beverly's superior. Meanwhile, in the simulated Eureka, the crew go to unload biological experiments from Astraeus and discover a dragon nesting. Holly, Allison and Grace start to notice that things aren't what they seem due to a malfunction in the Computer Matrix's Central Processor. Holly puts the pieces together and realizes the truth, but is killed by the Virtual Carter on Senator Wen's instructions before she can tell anyone else.
Force-quit.jpg Force Quit Writer: Terri Hughes Burton & Ron Milbauer Director: Mike Rohl April 30, 2012 #503
The Simulation begins to unravel when Fargo decides to leave Eureka for the airport which is where he thinks Holly is going, as he is driving the stretch of road that has the Leaving Eureka sign on it repeats over and over again. Zane sees a bird get stuck in a rock and goes to investigate, Virtual-Carter goes to help and tries to dissuade Zane which proves futile when Virtual-Carter's icon starts to glitch. In the real world Beverly Barlowe returns to Eureka to help Carter rescue the crew, because of Senator Wen's murder of Holly Marten. She plugs Carter into the simulation to replace Virtual-Carter just before he kills Zane. They collaborate with the rest of the main Astraeus crew to destroy the virtual version of the ship. Attempting to construct an explosion of this magnitude will make the Central Processor overheat which Henry can track in the real world. This works but the explosion causes a Cascade failure in the system, the simulation begins to collapse with the Astraeus crew still inside. They give Zane an electrical shock in order to interrupt the signals exchanged between the computer and Zane's brain effectively ejecting him from inside the simulation. Zane wakes up to the barrel of one of the Consortium soldier's guns. Jo arrives just in time to stop Zane from getting shot. Zane ejects everyone but Carter from the simulation. Someone (Wen) logs Beverly out of the system so she can't eject the Sheriff, then Senator Wen and a large group of soldiers storm Henry's garage and try to disconnect Carter from the Mainframe. Henry pulls a stun grenade on everyone but Beverly, including himself, trusting Beverly with Carter's life. Beverly gets Zane to log her back on and ejects Carter, she then kidnaps senator Wen and plugs her into the simulator, trapping her in a looping virtual version of the Sheriff's office.
Friendly-fire.jpg Friendly Fire Writer: Amy Berg Director: Mike Rohl May 7, 2012 #504
As the Astraeus crew tries to overcome their Matrix Eureka experience, Fargo struggles with Holly's death and decides to take an experimental therapy patch to accelerate his progress through the five stages of grief. Meanwhile, a lab accident causes Parrish's latest project, the Firefly, to be set loose. The Firefly is a ball of energy designed to seek out fires and absorb them. However, it is also a potential fire hazard. Henry discovers that Parrish lost control of the Firefly due to zeta waves being emitted by the individuals who were connected to Senator Wen's neural network. After the Firefly is safely recaptured, the Astraeus crew finally begin coming to terms with their experiences in the simulated world.
Jackofalltrades.jpg Jack of All Trades Writer: Story: Jaime Paglia

Teleplay: Eric Wallace

Director: Jaime Paglia May 14, 2012 #505
Zane restarts the Computer Matrix Mainframe that created the virtual Eureka in the hopes of recovering some of the corrupted data. The Mainframe begins to search for the people that were plunged into it during Senator Wen's neural experiment. Carter, as the only person who was connected wirelessly, is found and the Computer starts to stimulate his brain - causing him to swap bodies with Astraeus crew members around him. Warren Hughes, the DOD relationship auditor arrives to make sure that those involved in the neural network are ready to return to work. Carter's body swapping lands him in a load of trouble as he is forced to take not only Fargo's rehabilitation test but Zane's as well. Machines malfunction all over GD and the cause is the members of the Astraeus crew. In the end Zane discovers that the Computer Matrix has found one other member of the experiment, Holly. Zane tells Fargo that she may still be alive within the program and Fargo must make a terrible choice between leaving the machine running and trying to save Holly or shutting it down to stop it from destroying the Sheriff's mind. After the Computer Matrix almost kills him, Carter proposes to Allison, telling her that after almost dying he realizes what is truly important and he doesn't want to wait any longer to start building a life with her.
Worstcasescenario.jpg Worst Case Scenario Writer: Jill Blotevogel Director: Salli Richardson-Whitfield May 21, 2012 #506
Henry starts a lifelike disaster-preparedness simulation in the aftermath of the Astraeus incident in the first three episodes. It starts with the town under attack and ends with Carter not carrying Fargo down 72 flights of stairs with a broken leg. The DOD preparedness advisor Dr. Michael Clark gives everyone an overall B+ from 29 dead and over 300 injured in the scenario. Afterwards, the hard drive containing ADA (Advanced Disaster Accuator) is destroyed by a liquid nitrogen pipe rupture. As the day continues, GD begins to experience malfunctions and breaches identical to the simulation. ADA had downloaded herself into the GD mainframe to make the previous simulation "authentic" by actually realizing the events of the simulation. Meanwhile, Zane helps Fargo connect with Holly in the mainframe, whose full consciousness had been trapped in the Matrix after her neural patterns were disconnected from her body. Zane develops an adaptive waveform forcefield to hide the Matrix and not repeat the events of the last episode. Fargo manages to get in a few minutes with Holly before being called out to supervise the actual disaster. Allison and Jo also must deal with the emotional awkwardness/trauma of the possibility of Jack winding up with Jo if Allison were gone. The final piece of the scenario is a missile attack that ADA launches from a nearby missile silo. When the EM shield does actually fail, Zane uses his adaptive waveform shield to stop the missiles from destroying GD and the town. Jack and Fargo set it up at the exact coordinates specified by Henry, and they successfully save the town at the last second. Later, everyone gets together at Cafe Diem to celebrate. After the cafe, Fargo goes back to the Matrix to face a hard reality and tell Holly that she is technically dead. This saddens Holly and the two hold each other for comfort wondering what is next.
Exmachina.jpg Ex Machina Writer: Kira Snyder Director: Michael Robison June 4, 2012 #507
As Fargo tries to get Holly connected to the real world through an interactive hologram projector, a systemwide error causes a "Level 6 Polymorphic Antivirus Purge" which could delete Holly forever. Holly tries to save herself by running into the computers of GD ending up in a laser. After thinking that they have lost her she writes a message using the laser. Holly is saved and downloaded into Sarah's computer.
Eurekadeep.jpg In Too Deep Writer: Terri Hughes Burton & Ron Milbauer Director: Colin Ferguson June 11, 2012 #508
As Carter tries to find out why Allison won't set a date for the wedding, Jo tries to keep the pranks under control. Allison and Carter become trapped in a leaky sub at the bottom of a lake. Carter and Allison get in a big fight but soon Allison and Carter ask Henry to marry them now before they are teleported to GD, with Jo as the maid of honor. Holly's programming is too much for Sarah's computer to handle and Holly starts to fade away. Zane is put in charge of Section 5. Zane sets to work on a computer big enough to save Holly's programming.
Smartercarter.jpg Smarter Carter Writer: Paula Yoo & Ed Fowler Director: Alexandra LaRoche June 18, 2012 #509
Carter meets Allison's genius older brother. Carter's intelligence begins to suddenly grow, and Allison tries to find out why.
The-honeymooners.jpg The Honeymooners Writer: Eric Tuchman Director: Joe Morton June 25, 2012 #510
Carter tries to give Allison a romantic honeymoon; saboteurs are uncovered in Eureka; Holly encounters some technical difficulties that could threaten her existence.
Mirror.jpg Mirror, Mirror Writer: Bruce Miller Director: Mike Rohl July 2, 2012 #511
After a cloud of smart-dust gets out of control and disrupts all communications in Eureka, Carter and Fargo try to recollect it before they start affecting human brain functions. In the meantime, Jo tries to help Henry and sabotages the investigation of the DOD into the espionage case, and Holly receives a mysterious message triggering an alarming change in her behavior when she begins creating new bodies with the body-printer.
Double.jpg Double Take Writer: Margaret Dunlap, Nina Fiore & John Herrera Director: Matthew Hastings July 9, 2012 #512
The people of Eureka are being kidnapped and replace by body-doubles one by one unless Allison, Fargo and Zane can figure out how to avoid capture and save their town.
PackingUp.jpg Just Another Day Writer: Story by: Bruce Miller & Jaime Paglia

Teleplay by: Jaime Paglia

Director: Matthew Hastings July 16, 2012 #513
After the DOD shuts Eureka down, Zoe comes to visit before her graduation, and the entire town is threatened to be ripped apart by unstable wormholes, forcing Carter to jump into one to stop them. Dr. Grant returns at the end of the episode and reveals he bought Eureka to keep it running. In the final scene of the series, Jack and Zoe pass themselves 5 years in the past as they first come to Eureka, mirroring a similar scene in the pilot.