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Section 5 is the most restricted and heavily-guarded facility in Global Dynamics. Like the rest of Global Dynamics, it is located deep underground. Section 5 is well known for securing the Artifact away. Due to Section 5's security, only employee's with security clearance are permitted to information regarding on-going projects in Section 5.


In Pilot, a scientist stole some of the latest technology contained within it to build a tachyon accelerator, a device which can create a tachyon. In "Alienated", Stark allows a congressman in charge of Global Dynamics' federal funding to view a mysterious scientific phenomena of unknown origin buried deep within Section 5 that has "the potential to change everything." Even Stark, ordinarily a very technical and scientific person, acknowledges that the origin of the mysterious Artifact may be supernatural.

In "Insane in the P-Brane", Allison reveals that she is reopening Section 5. It is later revealed that she asked Tess Fontana to act as head of Section 5, however it is later revealed that she was brought to Eureka to supervise a project involving an unknown ship approaching Earth. She remains head of Section 5 until continuing Allison Blake as head of Global Dynamics.

In the fifth season, Zane Donovan is assigned the head of section 5. At first he thinks it's a joke. However, he later finds out that he really is the head of Section 5 and he finally accepts it as the truth.

Section 5 Projects


  • Jack: Section 5? I hate that section!