Seth Osbourne
Seth Osbourne
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Occupation Biopharmacologist
Status Alive
Appearances "Purple Haze", "God Is In The Details", "It's Not Easy Being Green"
Performer Alan Legros

Seth Osbourne is a researcher specializing in biopharmacology. His research includes the breeding of hybrid plants for medical purposes (Purple Haze ) and studies in bioluminescence (God Is In The Details ). He drives a classic muscle car - one which he has modified to run on a fusion reactor (It's Not Easy Being Green ).

Osbourne and Douglas Fargo are neighbors with a very antagonistic relationship. This may originate from Osbourne's habit of playing very loud music throughout his fields at all times of night.

Quotes Edit

"I love the smell of pesticide in the morning. Smells like grant renewal."

Eureka, OR
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