Spencer Martin
Spencer Martin
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Occupation Assistant Mechanic
Status Alive
Appearances Spencer Martin - List of Appearances
Performer Shayn Solberg

Spencer Martin was an assistant at Henry's Garage and a friend of Douglas Fargo. He hosted a weekly movie night at his trailer - an event attended by Fargo, Vincent, and Taggart. His multimedia setup was sophisticated enough to intercept digital broadcasts of first-run movies and powerful enough to generate multiple noise complaints (Alienated).

In the episode "Alienated" he hacks into a Global Dynamics satellite during a movie night to watch "They Came to Conquer." The satellite sends signals that cause the people there (Jo, Fargo, Taggart, Vincent, and Spencer) to become paranoid and attack Senator Farraday, believing that he was the host of the alien from the movie. In the end, Sheriff Carter saves the day and manages to get Farraday out alive without anyone getting hurt or killed.

Spencer was also an amateur musician, whose style was described by Zoe Carter as "Moby meets Devo" (Primal). Spencer left Henry's orbit some time prior to Season 2, it appears.


  • Spencer hasn't been seen or heard from in the new timeline.
  • Spencer ran the small shop next to Henry's Garage, seen only in the Pilot episode.