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Susan Perkins
Susan Perkins.gif
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive / Deceased
Spouse(s) Walter Perkins (Husband)
Children Brian Perkins (Son)
Appearances "Pilot", "Many Happy Returns"
Performer Jennifer Clement

Susan Perkins is the wife of Walter Perkins. They separated because Susan was not ready to start a family, and not willing to go with Walter when he was offered a job at GD. Devastated by the break up, Walter cloned Susan and started a new life with the (unaware) clone in Eureka. Clone Susan and Walter had a son, Brian.

Following Walter's accident, the cloned Susan was murdered by Beverly Barlowe, because of her knowledge of Walter's shady communications with The Consortium. Brian was left seemingly with no legal guardian, so Allison contacted Susan's parents, thus alerting the original Susan to the fact that she had been cloned. After initially not feeling any connection with Brian, Susan agreed to become his mother. It is also discovered that Walter had not died, and after his rehabilitation he and Susan seemed to reconcile. (Many Happy Returns).


  • Susan is the first character to appear on Eureka.