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Tess Fontana
Tess Fontana.jpg
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Occupation Researcher
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Jack Carter (ex-boyfriend)
Appearances Tess Fontana - List of Appearances
Performer Jaime Ray Newman

Dr. Tess Fontana is an old friend of Allison Blake and world-renowned engineer and astrophysicist who is brought to Global Dynamics to oversee the reopening of Section 5. She has three Ph. D's (“Insane in the P-Brane”) and is often at odds with the scientific community due to her controversial methods and beliefs . Tess’ introduction to the show provides a new love interest for Jack, putting tension into his relationship with Allison. Before leaving for Australia Tess spent at least four nights together with Jack (according to S.A.R.A.H), and the two were seemingly in love before she left for her new job.

After the timeline shift in the fourth season, Tess remained in Eureka for some time with herself and the 'alternate' Jack Carter having continued their relationship long enough for Tess to turn down the job offer in Australia and even begin to move her belongings into SARAH. However, Jack realized that he couldn't love her and broke up with Tess shortly afterward, suggesting that she was meant to be in Australia, not with him. She left shortly afterward.

A hallucination appeared to Allison Blake in the form of Tess later on, describing how she didn't approve of the fact that Allison was getting "face time" with her former boyfriend. She was later revealed to be a hallucination that only Allison could see, similar to ones experienced by Jack, Fargo, Jo, and Grant.

Tess is stated to have left a post at S.E.T.I. for her position at Global Dynamics. Before this she had been doing work at Area 51 (“It's Not Easy Being Green"). She was Allison Blake's roommate at Cambridge University (“Insane in the P-Brane”).

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