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Trevor Grant
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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Occupation Eureka Historian
Status Alive
Appearances Trevor Grant - List of Appearances
Performer James Callis

Dr. Trevor Grant was an assistant to Albert Einstein in the late 1940s, when Eureka was a military base. He is first seen in the season 4 premiere, when five Eureka citizens get teleported back into 1947. He assists them to return but, before they leave, Jack Carter tells Allison Blake "he left his device in another jacket" (still in 1947). At the end of the episode, Dr. Grant is in 2010 Eureka, and it is assumed he was transported there accidentally with Jack's device; however, it is later revealed that he took the time travel device on purpose and reconfigured it to work for him. Grant sees no reason not to indulge his scientific curiosity, even when it endangers himself and others.

He renames himself Charles Grant as an alias, and even those who know his true identity begin calling him Charles in private. He takes on a job as a scientific historian while working with Henry on assorted projects. He is later approached by Beverly, who convinces him to work with her toward an unknown goal. After the events of "I'll Be Seeing You" he was forced to be redacted from Eureka to avoid being found out and start a new life.

He then came back in the season finale of season 5. This time, he had changed his name to Trent Rockwell. He returned after, as a last resort, Fargo contacted him and convinced him to buy Eureka. His only condition was that Henry became director of Global Dynamics. There was a small party for him in Cafe Diem (during which Allison tells Carter that she is pregnant, which makes the timeline even more similar to the one in "Once in a Lifetime", now that Henry is director and Allison is pregnant with Jack's child) and then he is seen entering the limo he came in and leaving the town, which has a lot of the residents happily waving goodbye.


The actor who plays Dr. Trevor Grant, James Callis, also portrays Dr. Gaius Baltar in the 2004 Battlestar Galactica reimagining. He references this fact when asked in "The Ex-Files" who his hallucination is, claiming to see a 'tall, leggy blonde, slinky red dress.' This describes Caprica Six, a Cylon. Bear McCreary, one of the music directors on the show, previously worked on Battlestar, and this was also referenced in the episode "Bad to the Drone" when there is a small bell sound used on the show while MARTHA is trying to charge in Vincent's freezer and when Zoe comes out and describes it as a "Cylon-looking thing".

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