Vital statistics
Gender Male
Occupation Gourmet Cook
Status Alive
Appearances Vincent - List of Appearances
Performer Chris Gauthier

Vincent is the owner and chef of the Café Diem, a small café on the Eureka main street.

Vincent is a gourmet cook and, as revealed in the episode "You Don't Know Jack", has a Ph.D in molecular gastronomy. He frequently prepares extraordinary (often themed) menus for his customers and is often irritated if one of them (most often Jack Carter) asks for ketchup with their exotic meal. Despite endless setbacks, Vincent never gives up on his endeavor to educate and refine the Sheriff's palate.

When Eureka sought a new mayor, Vincent was persuaded by Fargo to run, (even thought he didn't want to) but, unexpectedly, nearly everybody voted (by way of a write-in campaign spearheaded by Lexi Carter) for Henry Deacon. ("Here Come the Suns")


  • Vincent is hinted at being the only openly gay member of Eureka's recurring characters, though this is handled very lightly and only rarely appears to any major degree. Apart from displaying the somewhat stereotypical flamboyant demeanor and mannerisms, in the episode Games People Play he inquires of Sheriff Carter, who is asking about Deputy Jo Lupo (who has vanished from the holographic representation of the town Carter is trapped in), "Is he cute?"
  • In the episode, "O Little Town" Sheriff Carter yells "Fruit cake," and Vincent replies, "I beg your pardon!"
  • In the finale, Vincent reacted to Dr. Isaac Parrish appearing naked in Cafe Diem by saying "Man-tastic!"
  • In the episode "Invincible", while Carl Carlson is kissing Beverly Barlowe, Taggart comments, "I've always wanted to do that." Spenser comments, "Who wouldn't?" and Vincent adds, "Even I've thought of it." Which is one of the first implications that he is gay.
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