Walter Perkins
Walter Perkins
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Occupation Researcher
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Susan Perkins (Wife)
Children Brian Perkins (Son)
Appearances "Pilot", "Many Happy Returns", "Once in a Lifetime"
Performer Rob LaBelle and Aaron Isaacs

Walter Perkins is a quantum physicist and a Section 5 researcher at Global Dynamics. He cloned his wife Susan Perkins (without any authorization or her knowledge), and had a son named Brian Perkins with the clone. The moral aspects of this action don't appear to have struck him remotely.

Walter fell behind on his research and was coerced by an anonymous group, The Consortium, to use stolen military technology in his Prototype Tachyon Accelerator. The experiment malfunctions and causes Walter's corporal body to oscillate in space-time.

In an alternate timeline, the effects from the failed experiment cause degenerative aging. Walter's body appears to be 16-years old. The reverse-aging can be halted with a shield that barricades his house, however Walter cannot leave the shield radius without further degenerating. He is restricted to Class-2 electronics only, which includes the Xbox-360. ("Once in a Lifetime").